Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our 2018 Ascolano is a robust extra virgin olive oil, with a very fragrant fruity noise, medium pungency, and a long peppery and pleasant finish. It’s a favorite of many, and an oil that hits your entire palette! Ascolano olives are the largest olive in our orchard, but yield the smallest amount of oil. We were very lucky in 2018 to have an abundant crop of Ascolano, and it’s truly a treat to have this single varietal specialty oil available. This oil won Best in Show at the 2019 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition!

Tasting notes: Grass, Green Almond, Herbaceous, and Tomato Leaf


Our 2018 Taggiasca is a small batch single press specialty oil, a favorite known to please. There are limited quantities of this delicate and nutty oil. Our Taggiasca is filtered to increase the shelf life and maintain great flavor. This oil won Gold at the 2019 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition!

Tasting notes: Cinnamon, Green Almond, and Green Tea

“The Banthien”

“The Banthien” is our first-ever barrel of olive oil pressed by Wild Poppies, and is named after our farmer-mentor Chris Banthien. It is a blend of 60% Ascolano, 30% Frantoio, and 10% Leccino, and is composed of the first olives of our 2018 harvest creating a robust oil with medium astringency. This oil was the most incredible green straight off the press, and there will only be one barrel of The Banthien ever produced!

Tasting notes: Grass, Green Almond, Green Tea, and Herbaceous

Tuscan Blend

Our 2018 Tuscan Blend has a blend of 6 Tuscan varietals (35% Leccino, 35% Frantoio, 13% Ascolano, 7% Taggiasca, and 5% Pendolino and Canino, the pollinators) creating a medium bodied oil with a fruity nose, a grassy middle, and a bright peppery finish. Our fruit is picked with a variety of green and purple ripeness, giving our lively green oil high polyphenol levels and bold flavors. This oil is filtered allowing to maintain the complex flavor profile with a longer shelf life.

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, Grass, and Green Almond